WłaściwościPEEK can be used at very high temperatures (about +260 °C) and it shows an extraordinary mechanical strength, toughness, hardness, flexural strength, torsional strength. PEEK exhibits excellent chemical resistance, very good dielectric properties up to +260 °C and a very good resistance to all kinds of radiation (even ultraviolet rays only lead to a slight yellow discolouration of its self-extinguishing properties according to UL 94.
Properties: very high mechanical strength, very high rigidity (also at low temperature), very high thermal stability, very high creep resistance, very high dimensional stability, very high radiation resistance, very high hydrolysis resistance relatively low notch impact-strength, low resistance to acetone

Application: Bearing shells, piston rings, valve seats, gears, seals, aviation, cog-wheels, pump vanes, fittings, plug connectors for the chromatography, wafer carriers, semiconductor industry.